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Section 3 subsection 2 of the Act on Advocacy states that Attorneys at Law (lawyers) provide legal services in all matters. The lawyer should therefore know perfectly the entire legal system, it must be able to interpret and apply it in a knowledgeable way. However, modern society has reached a state where it is convinced that the problem is solved by adoption of a law, as a result of which our lives are affected by such an incredible number of norms (regulations) that no lawyer is able to know and provide perfect legal service in all fields of law. I believe that in the case of advocacy, it is necessary to specialize and then achieve excellent results in the field of specialization. This is also my aim in my practice.

Despite the above mentioned, I must note that if you visit me with any legal problem, I will try to meet your request to the best of my knowledge and belief, I am able to study up each required legal area, or I am ready to recommend your case to a more qualified professional.

I feel best in the fields of private law (civil, commercial, family, labour) and from the "special" fields I prefer:

Representation in civil proceedings

I am not looking for massive collection of receivables. I specialize in litigation requiring excellent knowledge of the law and its application. I indulge in creative and unique practices. However, I never forget that in many cases an agreement is better than a court decision. I do not consider a lawsuit to be a competition in which it is necessary to defeat the opponent to the detriment of the client's interests.

Law relating to wine, winemaking and viniculture

With regard to my hometown Mikulov and my overall activities in South Moravia, many of my clients is from entrepreneurs engaged in wine production and trading in this commodity. Through this experience, I get through the maze of European Union law concerning this issue, and I gain skills in this area.

Divorce, child custody, settlement of joint property of spouses

In this conflicting family and private matter, I try to advise my client so that its consequences are as negative as possible for all involved. I will arrange a decision on divorce, resolve child custody and settle mutual property relations.

Representation in criminal proceedings

From the point of view of the law a participation in criminal proceedings is the most significant interference in the personal sphere of every person. I am able to represent you in all phases of this process, help with the defense and protection of your rights and interests, resolve the conditional suspension of criminal prosecution, settlement or negotiate an agreement on guilt and punishment.

Real estate transfers

Do you intend to sell the house and do you want that everything goes well and with complete certainty on the part of all involved? I will prepare a purchase contract and a proposal for the registration of rights in the Land Registry for you, I will ensure the custody (escrow) and payment of the purchase price, I will procure a label on the energy performance of the building.

Full legal service for entrepreneurs

In this regard, I am able to prepare any contract according to your needs and tailored to your business, represent you in court and administrative proceedings, advise you on labor law and provide the necessary status issues - organization of General Meetings, entries in the Business Register, etc. Quite simply, I manage to hold several positions that your business requires.

Representation in administrative proceedings and before an administrative court

Administrative law is a very wide area where I am able to guide you both in proceedings before an administrative body (especially in proceedings on misdemeanors or due to commission of an administrative offense) and in proceedings before specialized court chambers.

Protection against unjust enforcement/execution

Have the law enforcement proceedings been initiated against you and are you convinced that this was unjust? Do you feel that the executor is proceeding non-standardly, inappropriately and illegally? Does the law enforcement refer to items that are not owned by the debtor? Do not hesitate to contact me.

Compensation from the state

Did your lawsuit take too long? Were you accused but later found innocent? Have the public authorities affected your rights? You have the right to compensation for your damage. I am achieving very good results in asserting the claims of the aggrieved in the Ministry of Justice and in possible court proceedings. More information at www.nahradaskodyodstatu.cz.

Representation of debtors and creditors in insolvency proceedings

If you are a creditor, I will lodge your claim in insolvency proceedings, or I will initiate it directly on your behalf. I will represent you in all actions related to this proceeding and strive for the highest possible satisfaction of your claim. If you are a debtor, I will guide you through the insolvency proceedings so that it affects your person as little as possible. Insolvency proceedings do not have to mean the end of your business - if it is only slightly possible, we can together try to find a solution in the form of reorganization as an option to resolve your bankruptcy.

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