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Lawyer's fees

Remuneration for my services and provided legal assistance can be determined in several ways, namely based on an agreement.

Hourly rate

Basic method of remuneration. You pay the reward for the scope of work that is performed for you. My standard rate is CZK 1.500,00 per hour. Before starting work, I will always estimate the time required for the case. Please note that I am a VAT payer.

Reward for success

It applies in particular to litigation. In such a case, the client does not pay the fee, the lawyer's fee is paid either from the reimbursement of costs, which is charged to the counterparty (calculated according to the lawyer's tariff), or from the proceeds of the matter in dispute (max. 25% of the performance paid by the counterparty).

Piece rate method of remuneration

Before taking over the case, the client will find out what remuneration will have to be paid for the service provided, regardless of the final time spent by the lawyer on this task (eg transfer of real estate for CZK 6.000,00).

Flat-rate reward

Especially suitable for clients requiring recurring and diverse legal services. The client pays a certain amount every month regardless of the time performed (up to the agreed limit). The rate per hour of legal service is then more advantageous than in the case of the standard hourly rate. For example - the client pays CZK 12.500,00 per month, for which he can use up to 10 hours of legal services. The legal service provided above the agreed framework is then remunerated with a standard fee of CZK 1.500,00/hour.

I am aware of the social responsibility that is associated with the practicing of advocacy and legal practice. I judge each case strictly individually. If I come to the conclusion that the impossibility of paying remuneration due to a difficult financial situation would be to the detriment of justice, I provide legal services under advantageous terms and conditions or completely free of charge. Thank you in advance to everyone who does not misuse this human approach of mine.

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