• Who am I

    Who am I

kdo jsemJUDr. Vojtěch Mihalík, Attorney at Law

My name is Vojtěch Mihalík and I practice law. I solve problems and try to repair damaged relationships. I provide legal services.

In 2011 I graduated from the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University. My graduation diploma was placed in red diploma graduation folder (I passed with honors). During my studies, I spent a short time in Salzburg, where I completed one semester at the local Paris-Lodron University.

In 2015, after defending my rigorous thesis, I obtained the title of Doctor of Laws (JUDr.) at my home university.

Already during my studies, I practiced law with Mgr. Petr Houžvička, an Attorney at Law in Břeclav. This form of cooperation resulted in internship for trainee lawyers, and after completing the required three years, I successfully passed the bar exam and began practicing advocacy independently.

Law is not only my job, but also a big hobby. I am constantly learning in this field, I follow modern trends and experiences of colleagues, I study professional literature and sometimes I write an article on some of the legal issues that I am interested in (see My work). Don't worry, I'm active in other areas as well. My hobbies include literature, nature, travel, scouting, mountain hiking, sports (especially Czech lacrosse, badminton and mountain biking) and wine.

If necessary, I also speak foreign languages - especially German, English – a little less (but I'm working to improve it).

I am also interested in public affairs, therefore in 2014 I participated in the elections to the Mikulov Town Council within the Association of Independent Candidates in Mikulov. The election was successful for me and the town itself, and I am currently active as a municipal councillor, which is positively reflected in my experience and knowledge that I also use in my legal practice. In 2018, I asserted the mandate of the elected representative.

In 2015, I placed 3rd in the national and judicial competition "Lawyer of the Year" in the category "Talent of the Year".